"Think continually about what you want, not about the things you fear. Life is what happens to you while you are too busy trying to seek it everywhere in your future but the present." 

Sandhya Suri
Change Enabler | Motivational Speaker | Author | Poet 

Consultation & Workshops

Suitable for Professionals

Career Transition Consult

Useful for veterans, professionals who are looking to switch careers, freshers who want to identify the areas where their strength and talent can be put to effective use.

Communication Workshop

Team dynamics can be truly stressful. This interactive workshop gives a clearer understanding of how communication impacts team dynamics. This is very useful for professionals managing teams.

 Job Hunt & Interviews

- quick useful tips on how to work one's profile, resume, cv and create an impact at interviews, body language, and communication, and tracking job applications, an insight into why resumes and cv's get rejected, interviewer perspective of candidate selection.

Suitable for Students

Identify Strength & Talent

Useful for students from age 11 upwards who want to identify the areas where their strength and talent lies and make a selection of subjects that will be best for them.

Communication Dynamics

Parent-children-communication  is a constant battle. This interactive session enables revival and re-opening of communication, groups dynamics and especially useful for parents and young adults

Creative Writing

This is a workshop that can be attended by children and young adults as per their age categories.

The workshops will teach students how to write a novella, including creating characters, story construction, descriptive and narrative tips,

Suitable for All

Work Life Balance 

This Workshop is available for Corporates, individuals, partners and children in schools. The Workshop focuses on mindfulness, and personal development.

Change Enabling

This is a 6/12/18 hours personal mentorship program that covers various challenges on personal life changes, professional goals setting, family goals and  relationships, and change management.

Team Expansion Consultation

Useful for SE, SMEs, StartUps, and Small organisations who are looking to expand their team. This is a consultation for lean team expansion and HR Audit, assessment of gaps, internal hires, actual manpower requirement. 

Speaking/Moderator/ Event Hosting Bookings

A TEDx Speaker and Guest Speaker and Lecturer at various Events, Organisations, Sandhya Suri has life experiences and insights into leadership, gender diversity, change management, Women leadership, Work Life balance, motivation, communication disparity, young adult-parents conflict, and women safety. She also facilitates talks on taboo subjects and stories on entrepreneurial journeys at The Thursday Thing that works as a promotional networking platform for  start-ups and entrepreneurs, investors and students interested in entrepreneurship. To book her as a Featured Author or Featured Poet, or interviews etc., please click appropriate button.