I am. It is the shortest sentence with the longest quantum of time it takes to get to be there.  I am driven by the infinite possibilities that this life has to offer. A survivor, I refuse to be pitied. While my various roles may give a person a perception of me, I am more than that. I am driven by a hunger to experience life wholly.  I am a complete person and to be that I don’t need anyone else. My have-beens include life as a teacher, a Navy Veteran, a corporate professional in India and Nigeria, a radio jockey, a photographer, author, poet and entrepreneur. However, my purpose in life is driven by a desire to make a difference around me, ensure children have access to a good future, bridging the gaps in the communication between generations, helping professionals and countless others find their chi. I’m a Change Enabler guided by the philosophy of ikigai, meraki and I believe we become invaluable each time we break and put ourselves together again. I write so I can breathe. Art and travel is my zen space. I’ve been on a fundamental journey of honouring myself no matter how flawed it may all seem. I identify myself with all the five key elements of nature. I am my biggest, longest, most successful love affair. My success is not defined by my professional stature or how much money I have but I am wealthy in my evolution as a human being and my success parameters are checking my dreams off one by one off a bottomless bucket list.  Being guilt-free, forgiving and compassionate is a big yes. I believe in the undying embers of the human experience. Death and change are the two constant truths in life. I am a soul on earth that feels everything deeply and I will not have it any other way. I am.


Key Footprints

  • MOST ADMIRED INSPIRING INDIAN AWARD 2021 - Indian Ex-Defence Service Employees Chamber of Commerce and Industries

  • FEATURED POET - Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Festival 2021

  • WINNER - Global Public Speaking Championship 2020 by MS Talks

  • 40 OVER 40 AWARD 2020 - by SheThePeopleTV - For courage, grit and determination, reinventing myself and claiming my space, breaking barriers.

  • CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION - FIGHT CORONA GLOBAL SAMARITAN 2020 - Awarded the certificate in recognition for significant contribution and exceptionally outstanding service to the community during COVID-19 by Asian News Channel

  • NOMINEE POET - PUSHCART PRIZE 2020 - For the poem 'Way too Soon' from the Anthology Boundless 2020

  • INSPIRING WOMEN OF THE YEAR 2020 - Awardedfor a long citation that included being my own person, for being independent, for my talent and passion that inspires those around me, the contribution I’ve made to society, substantial difference I’ve brought to the lives of others, striving to lead by example, making people feel valued, turning my experience into wisdom.

  • WOMAN OF WORTH AWARD 2019- by Pinkishe Foundation - I was give this award for my ‘outstanding achievements and being an exemplary icon for fellow women’.

  • FELICITATED BY GLOBAL LITERARY FESTIVAL NOIDA 2019 - Twenty-four other poets and I were felicitated for our poetry and a special Women’s Anthology of poems in English and Hindi called ‘Kahi Ankahi’ was published with a special release. Eleven of my English poems were published.

  • TEDx Talks at BMU Munjal University, SMVDU, IBA

  • Featured Speaker - SELF CARE: Enticing Change by Letting GO: Psychological Relief 2021 Organised by National COVID-19 Mental Health and Psychosocial Response Team - Bhutan

  • Featured Speaker - Confluence 2017 - Delhi

  • Featured Speaker - Times of India Education Fair 2017 - Delhi​