Tryst With Destiny - Abhikrama

"One of the "Top 7 Books creating waves this Summer

- Outlook India

"Ashutosh Kale and Sandhya Suri, take us on a spin through the twisted corners of new India where fact and fiction are mixed inextricably, so that fiction becomes fact and fact becomes fiction, the churn producing an exciting genre not often found in India - the politico-military fiction! Waiting for the next instalment!" 

- Deepa Sahi, Media Entrepreneur, Actor, Film Maker

"What a beautiful piece of storytelling. It is woven together with consummate skill." 

- Maj. Gen. Neeraj Bali, Army veteran

"Storytelling that is insightful, interesting, and very engaging. It'll take you where the action is, right from where you are. A must read." - Deep Chhabria, Copywriter, Comedian

- Deep Chhabria, Copywriter, Comedian

"Wisdom distilled, for generations in a hurry to make a name. A thriller I couldn't put down and a must read for all India's youth especially." - Kusum Choppra, Author

- Kusum Choppra, Author

"I have just experienced a book that took me to 'spectacular' journey. And has a similar incident depicted so minutely. Tryst With Destiny- Abhikrama. Ashutosh Kale and Sandhya Suri have woven a masterpiece. Every chapter makes you more curious. Each character with a  clear sub-plot. As an actor I feel playing most of them. Wish this book is adapted into a screenplay.  (It's almost ready by itself) - Anurag Kashyap, Neeraj Ghyawan, Shoojit Sarcar, Mani Ratnam, are you listening? I am the happiest to learn that Abhikrama is the first part of a Trilogy. Eagerly waiting for the other two. For now guys, please grab a paperback copy and take your time to enjoy every bit of it. Order now!"

- Jivak Davare, Corporate Theatre Trainer, , Content Writer, Actor

"Delighted - gripping, smooth and authentic. It feels like a literary work of art, a masterpiece. Bravo!" 

- Lt. Gen. Y N Sharma, Indian Army Veteran